Wonderland Indonesia Indonesia 7

Coming back from Indonesia my mind and senses are full of rich memories. The humming sounds of countless motorbikes in Jakarta, the taste of fried rice with egg, that accompanied us from breakfast to dinner. ‘What do you want for breakfast?’ became a running gag because there was only one possible answer: Nasi Goreng.

When driving through Semarang by night I felt like I’m in Abbas Kiarostami’s movie ‘Like someone in Love’. The architecture of the Old City visualised the clash of cultures in Indonesia, combining typical Dutch style (Indonesia was colonial territory of the Netherlands until 1945) with Asian influences.

The feel of my heartbeat slowed down because of the peacefulness of Karimunjawa island and at the same time jumped when exploring the beauty of it’s nature: unbelievable shades of blue all in one ocean, coral reefs, fishes in all colours of the rainbow, star fishes and baby sharks.

Surabaya’s hectic life can be escaped by turning right or left from its big streets into dreamy, vegetated alleys.

Wild party life in Kuta, magical Hindu temple and palaces, lush green rise fields and grand volcanoes in and around the artist’s village Ubud, are some of the many faces of Bali.

Gili Trawangan is like being in a fairy tale: driving in a horse-drawn carriage through a palm tree forest of the island free of motorised traffic, befriending a huge turtle, hanging out at white coral beaches and listening to live music while watching the sunset.

Besides the magnificent nature and stunning richness of cultures the true wonder of Indonesia is its people. Who welcomed us everywhere with a big smile and an overwhelming kindness, who told us the story of their country and made our stay simply unforgettable. Terima Kasih!

Check out my friend Bram’s hotel Mangrove Inn in Karimunjawa. He was the best host we could’ve wished for. 


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